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Kushlan Products, LLC
10601 S. Sam Houston Parkway W.   Suite# 140

Houston, TX 77071

Telephone: (281) 313-2506 or (800) 469-4178

Fax: (281) 313-2509






Kushlan Products is dedicated to serving our local community and customers here in Texas.

We are a North American company also dedicated to taking care of our customers anywhere in the United States and Canada. We know the products, we know the industry and we know the D-It-Yourself challenges that arise for those that are less experienced. We can help (miles between you and our HQ is not a barrier). Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kushlan Products leads the industry in concrete mixers. We achieved this status, and maintain this status, through a combination of:

    • Experience, knowledge and dedication 
      We have been there (hard physical construction work and the problems that often arise)
    • Innovation, quality design and quality manufacturing Construction our background and has been part our livelihood for a very long time (decades!), but this is also our family name…no skimping is allowed
    • Superior Customer Service! 
      We understand that construction is either part of your livelihood or playing a part in your home-ownership projects (or both). Please do not hesitate to contact us.