Introducing the Kushlan Kurb

Kushlan Products always has news about our great products and our satisfied customers, who are also great.

One of the many great products from Kushlan is the Kushlan Kurb for concrete landscaping borders. This kit makes it incredibly easy for individuals to create and install their own concrete landscaping borders whether for a lawn, around a tree or along a driveway. Keeping unwanted grass and weeds out of flower beds is another of its many useful purposes.

This is a very unusual product; and it will continue to be an unusual product because we own the patent for this method and apparatus regarding making concrete landscaping borders. We are innovative and we are dedicated to creating useful products at affordable prices that help save time and money while doing a great job.

Kushlan has many great products available at reputable stores both for professionals and do-it-yourselfers because they are rugged, affordable, and have outstanding longevity. At Home Depot Customer Reviews, for instance, 22 out of 22 (yes, 100%) of reviewers recommend our product. That only happens from having a great product.

One post on the Kushlan Products YouTube Channel regarding the 350WSB Cement Mixer, one of our most popular products, has an intriguing post from a consumer. He shares that, “I’ve got one of these mixers and it’s still running like a top after more than 4,200+ 80lb. bags of Quikcrete through it.” Again, that only comes from having a great concrete landscaping borders product.

Thank you all for your loyalty and appreciation as well as for sharing your appreciation with us.

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