KPT 36 Concrete Power Trowel

KPT 36 Power Trowel

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The Kushlan KPT-36 Power Trowel for Concrete has a Honda GX engine; Length 14″, Width 6, 70 to 140 RPM. Features adjustable pitch blades, variable speed rotation, catch resistant operator handle. Includes float pan, instructions, universal replacement blades.

This quality Kushlan Product walk-behind Concrete Power Trowel can be used in the surface finishing of concrete roads, terraces, boatyards, airports, floors, and more.

Kushlan Products has designed the KPT 36 Concrete Power Trowel that includes a sophisticated system to protect the operator from any out-of-control spinning situation from occurring. Operators using our walk-behind concrete power trowel, are protected if they let go of the unit for any reason because the safety sensor will detect the motion of the handle and stop the engine before the handle reaches a 45-degree rotation.


Honda GX Engine 70 to 140RPM

Universal Replacement Steel Blades

Length: 14”

Width: 6”

Ring Diameter: 36”

Weight: 222 lbs

Adjustable Pitch

Variable Speed Rotation

Catch Resistant Operator Handle

Deadman switch design provides safety

Includes Float Pan, Universal Replacement Blades and Complete Instruction Manual

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