The Kushlan Products 350 DD Epoxy Mixer

Epoxy is a well-known type of durable, long lasting glue that provides an extremely high level of binding and bonding properties. These qualities are far superior to any ordinary bonding glues like wood or paper glue. Epoxy is generally two resins that are mixed together just before use. There are many uses for epoxy, ranging from DIY home projects to high tech projects in the aerospace industry.cement mixer manufacturers

Different Uses For Epoxy

Epoxy has a million and one uses in the modern world. It can be used in the construction of wood furniture, to repair broken items, or around the house as a hardener that will make any two objects bind together. It can also be used in paints and coatings, especially for flooring projects. Numerous kinds of floors are covered in epoxy after they are constructed, giving them that long lasting and almost impenetrable coating. It can be used in the construction of boats, airplanes, cars, bikes, golf clubs, skis, and any other product or device that will need a strong bond. Modern artists use it to build their art, whatever it may be, or can even use it in their picture frames. Even something as simple as model cars and similar hobbies have uses for epoxy adhesives.

Epoxy isn’t just for home or private use though. Industries use epoxy on wood, metal, glass, stone, plastics, and other materials in a variety of ways. Industrial tooling, electrical systems, consumer and marine applications, and even the aerospace industry uses epoxy. In 1968 Apollo 8 re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere using heat shields that were put together with epoxy.

As mentioned earlier, epoxy consists of two resins which must be mixed together just prior to using it. It must be done correctly and safely. Many cement mixer manufacturers have come up with machines that will do it, but the Kushlan Products 350 DD Epoxy Mixer is the best of the bunch.

The Kushlan Products 350 DD Epoxy Mixer

This portable epoxy mixing unit is durable and rugged, yet perfect for the do it yourselfer or the industrial professional. The wheelbarrow mixer is supported by a heavy steel frame, and the tires are polyurethane flat free tires. You’ll never have to worry about getting a flat with this mixer. The 3/4 horse power electric motor is a dynamo, powering 28 rotations per minute. The polyurethane drums are 5/16” gauge steel, and are dent, crack and rust resistant. Even though this unit is hard-as-nails tough, it is also easy to clean.

The capacity of the mixing drum is 3.5 cubic feet, and it can hold up to 180 pounds of material. The steel telescopic style handles make transporting this awesome unit a snap. Moving the mixer from job to job is no problem, and when it’s time to put it away, breaking it down for storage is simple.

With the Kushlan Products 350 DD Epoxy Mixer, you can be assured the job will be done right. It has a great design, and it’s easy and safe to operate and handle. Need to know more? Contact us at Kushlan Products today!

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