Why You Need A Food Grade Mixer

When you hear the word ‘mixer’ in the context of industrial applications, it is quite likely you would think of cement or concrete mixers. It’s hardly a wrong assessment because cement mixer manufacturers have long dominated the industry. However, newer innovations like food grade mixers are catching everybody’s attention.

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What is a food grade mixer?

It is a device that consists of a drum (in which you load the ingredients to be mixed), mixing mechanism (generally electric) and the stand and other supporting parts. It’s a simple device in that the construction is quite basic; however, mastering its design and functionalities needs expertise.

Why do you need it?

You might be wondering where and why such a mixer is needed and how it is better than mixing food items with hand or a blender. The answer to ‘where’ you might use it is that it’s a handy device for home use as well as more professional applications. Why you should choose a food grade mixer at all requires a slightly longer explanation. The reasons are many, each more compelling than the next.


  1. Creates even and true mix

    The key principle of a food grade mixer is that it mixes all the components in an even proportion without breaking or spoiling them. For example, if you are making a mixture of cashew nuts, almonds and raisins, a good mixer will create an equal mix throughout, while retaining the shapes and sizes of each of these ingredients.

    This is where the food grade mixers made by good cement mixer manufacturers (like 450 DD Food Grade Mixer by Kushlan Products) shine over others because of the experience and expertise the company applies to every product it makes.

  2. Handles large volume

    In professional applications (sometimes in-home use as well) the quantities to be mixed are too large and cumbersome for hand mixing. Food-grade mixers save time and effort and allows you to complete other work while your mixture is being prepared.

    The mixing drums of these food mixers are high capacity and some models come with multiple drum sizes. However, a good standard size suffices for most uses.

  3. No mess or mistakes

    Anyone who has worked in a home kitchen or a large-scale professional food-related setup would understand the mess that can happen when dealing with, and especially mixing, food items. Thankfully, food mixers are straightforward to operate and clean. It’s practically as easy and putting in the ingredients, turning it on, switching it off, and removing it from the mixer. There are no spillovers whatsoever.

    Also, these mixers do away with the possibility of uneven mixtures that can be painstaking to correct. You can confidently pick the mixture from any section and be sure it has just the right combination of all items.

  4. Flexibility of operation

    Just like all other products made by credible cement mixer manufacturers, Kushlan food grade mixers are designed for convenience and flexibility. They can work at multiple speeds, swivel 360 degrees, and even discharge in any direction. The chances of you running into an operational problem are very thin because almost all possible problems were thought of and solved by these manufacturing geniuses for you.

No matter how you look at it, a food grade mixer is a wise investment, both for home as well as professional use. And once you buy it, you’re definitely going to find a wide variety of uses for it. Visit our products page to learn more about Kushlan Products!

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