How to connect your direct drive motor to the frame

On the newer models of the 600DD and 350DD there is a slightly different way to attach the drum to the motor.  The outside drum plate is a little smaller and the machine bolt goes on the outside rather than the inside (like on older models).

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Four Stroke Gas Engine Diagram

Looking for the diagram of the engine to your GAS mixer?

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How to Connect the throttle cable to the Gas mixer

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Where to locate the oil spout on the 3/4 HP motor

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Gene Kushlan says: Vibrate that Concrete!

It’s a good idea to vibrate concrete.  A problem that occurs when using a small mixer is that you have loose joints.  The vibration helps concrete blend together.  A small one will work just fine, Northern Tool & Equipment has a nice one- we carry one as well for about $100.00!

Gene Kushlan has helpful hints if your mixer loses power

If you have a mixer that you leave plugged in all the time, it would do you good to use a surge protector.  There are some parts of the motor that can blow and can be a headache to trouble shoot.

The following are some reasons why your mixer may not be working:

1. Bad power cord

2. The reset tripped

3. A bad switch

4. Bad reset

5. Bad condenser


GENE KUSHLAN SAYS check out our bench frames

black side view

Check out this quality bench frame! It is made out of sec. 40 pipe and 3/16 flat steel, with a power coat to finish! Each frame comes pre-drilled and weighs (15) lbs. If you desire a different lay out, no worries, drilling it yourself to fit your needs is simple.

Just fasten down with concrete fasteners. Easy!

Gene Kushlan Presents the low profile food grade mixer!

450DD-low profile

Introducing the 450DDLP we’ve modified it to fit into a lower profile frame!  Now it’s even easier to extract the food grade liner from the basket, keep it in easy storage locations, and move it easily from place to place!  You’ve asked for it and now we have it!  This frame will also fit the 350DD and 600DD drum.


Gene Kushlan says: Protect your gear motor!


We now have a protective cage for the gear motor on your Kushlan cement mixer.  Quick and easy to attach, it fastens to the back panel and will help protect your motor from damage on the job or when in transport.  Call today to purchase- limited time price of $16.00 plus shipping and handling!

Gene Kushlan talks about the 350W/600W Models

belt and pinion

We have three different pinions: the old style with a 3/4″ straight shaft with a set collar, a 3/4″ shaft that steps down to 1/2″ with threads on the end, this is for the 350 series.  The third has a 3/4″ shaft that steps down 9/16″ with threads on the end and this is for the 600 series.


If you have a Kushlan belt drive mixer (350W/600W) and the drum slows as you add concrete mix, your problem might be a loose belt.  What you need to do is loosen the motor mounting bolts and push down on the motor until it is nice and firm.  You can always call us, I like to hear from you!

Gene Kushlan says: Add a little color to that concrete!

You can use the Kushlan mixer to color your concrete right in the drum!  However, be sure to measure the same amount of color product in every batch. It’s also a good idea to give more mixing time so it blends properly.  I find that the 600DD is the best choice because a larger mixer will give you more consistent results, I get that type of feedback from the people in the field actually using it for this purpose and it works great.

Gene kushlan says: A small mixer can pay big on a small pour!

When calling for a delivery of concrete, the minimum load can cost up to $500.00! Not to mention it’s hard to plan your day around a concrete truck.  A one yard pour is 40 bags of premixed concrete at $3.50 per bag that’s $140.00! When using a small concrete mixer, such as a Kushlan 600DD, it takes a little over one hr.  So you can see how that can save you money!

Gene Kushlan says: How to Mix Concrete- 600 series

Step 1.You will need approx 5 gallons of water.

Step 2. 4-80 lb. bags of pre-mix concrete.

Step 3. Start Mixer in motion.

Step 4. Add 4 gallons of water.

Step 5. Add 1st -80 lb. bag of pre-mixed concrete, then 2nd bag


Step 6. Slowly add 3rd bag of concrete.

Step 7. Add 1 gallon of water to obtain desired thickness.

Step 8. Slowly add 4th bag of concrete.

Step 9. add 1/2-1 gallon of water slowly.


Gene Kushlan says: Check the oil!

Be sure to check the oil on the motor of your mixer.  Check it when you first purchase it and then again after 200 hours of use.  There is a spout at the top of the gear box that can be easily removed with an allen wrench.  Gene recommends using any 75-90W oil, he likes Royal Purple brand.

What Gene Kushlan, CEO of Kushlan Products has to say about laying Concrete

The best time to lay concrete is earlier in the day, especially during the hot summer days as it will be less stress to you.  Whenever possible, try to place concrete in the shade to keep it from setting too soon.

The Difference Between Concrete And Cement In A Cement Mixer

While many writers use the terms concrete and cement interchangeably, there is actually a difference between the two. When the word cement is used, it is referring to a binder or type of glue that serves to hold the other materials involved together. When the word concrete is used, it refers to a mixture of materials that make up the concrete. These materials can include gravel and small rocks, as well as sand and a combination of cement and water. When these materials are shaped into the desired form, they are left to harden over time. The hardened structure is considered concrete, whereas the cement was simply a part of the recipe that was used to create the concrete structure.cement mixer Continue reading The Difference Between Concrete And Cement In A Cement Mixer

Benefits Of Renting A Kushlan Cement Mixer

Certain home improvements require a small amount of cement. Instead of hiring a professional company to deliver cement at expensive prices, it is a better idea to rent a Kushlan cement mixer from a local store such as Home Depot. Kushlan is a cement mixer manufacturer that creates portable products made to be durable and to provide consumers many options for home as well as professional projects.Cement Mixer Manufacturers Continue reading Benefits Of Renting A Kushlan Cement Mixer

Proper Care Of A Cement Mixer

The use of a cement mixer is typically associated with a project that is labor-intensive. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the person in charge of the project to learn proper cleaning and maintenance procedures so that he or she is not faced with an almost impossible task at the end of a long day. Fortunately, there are tips one can follow to clean such machinery and rid it of cement buildup so that it is returned to its former condition and ready for future use.Cement Mixer Continue reading Proper Care Of A Cement Mixer

Why You Need A Food Grade Mixer

When you hear the word ‘mixer’ in the context of industrial applications, it is quite likely you would think of cement or concrete mixers. It’s hardly a wrong assessment because cement mixer manufacturers have long dominated the industry. However, newer innovations like food grade mixers are catching everybody’s attention.

Cement mixer manufacturer Continue reading Why You Need A Food Grade Mixer

The Kushlan Products 350 DD Epoxy Mixer

Epoxy is a well-known type of durable, long lasting glue that provides an extremely high level of binding and bonding properties. These qualities are far superior to any ordinary bonding glues like wood or paper glue. Epoxy is generally two resins that are mixed together just before use. There are many uses for epoxy, ranging from DIY home projects to high tech projects in the aerospace industry.cement mixer manufacturers Continue reading The Kushlan Products 350 DD Epoxy Mixer

What Projects Require The Use Of A Cement Mixer?

Cement mixers are available for rent or purchase in a wide range of sizes, types and brand names. These are most commonly used for commercial construction projects; however, smaller models are frequently used by average individuals for DIY home improvement projects or even hobbies. Following is an overview of some of the most common types of projects that require the use of a cement mixer.Cement Mixer Continue reading What Projects Require The Use Of A Cement Mixer?

Handheld Cement Vibrator Benifits

As you are pouring the cement into the form or base of your project, it is going to be important to reduce the air bubbles before the complete setting occurs. Using a handheld cement vibrator will reduce not only the air bubbles within the cement mass, but will create a much more desired finished appearance. You may choose to have a professional pour and set your cement for you or this may be a do-it-yourself project. A professional contractor may have obtained a handheld cement vibrator from the cement mixer manufacturer that they work with, or may own one. If you don’t have a cement vibrator for your next project, be it professional or DIY, take a look at the handheld cement vibrator available at Kushlan.Cement Mixer Manufacturer Continue reading Why You Need A Handheld Cement Vibrator For Cement Mixer Projects

Portable Cement Mixer For Remodeling, Crafts And Design

A portable cement mixer has become a standard piece of equipment for anyone who keeps up with DIY trends or utilizes the latest construction tools. Getting an epoxy mixer provides astonishing cost-value, even for small renovation projects. As a standard addition to your tool chest, a rugged, wheelbarrow-style mixer saves time, money and effort.

Portable Cement Mixer

Continue reading Portable Cement Mixer For Remodeling, Crafts And Design

Gas Or Electric Cement Mixer: Which One Should You Go For?

When you think of a construction site, it is a typical image that comes to your mind. While there might be some variables like the magnitude and type of construction work being undertaken, every unit has common elements like bright safety hats, raw materials spread out all over the place, and the familiar sounds of heavy machinery working hard throughout the day. One such long-time loyal fixture on a construction site is the cement mixer.

Cement Mixer Manufacturers
Continue reading Gas Or Electric Cement Mixer: Which One Should You Go For?

The 5 Types of Cement Mixers

If you are interested in purchasing a new cement mixer, it can be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different kinds that are available for general purchase, as well as the pros and cons of each. There are numerous types that can be bought for different jobs and types of applications. Look into the following five mixers to learn what type of utility they can provide for your needs. Continue reading The 5 Types of Cement Mixers

Quality Portable Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

Assure Your Reputation of Being Reliable and Doing Quality Work: Use the Best Equipment

Out of any portable concrete mixer manufacturer out there today, Kushlan Products specifically has some of the most practical and specialized tools available anywhere in the world. Regardless of the construction sector you are in, the specific project you are undertaking or what your unique portable concrete mixer needs may be, investing in a Kushlan Products portable concrete mixer assures that your goals can be met.

Kushlan Products – Durability

When it comes to portable concrete mixer manufacturers, this particular company is at the top of the industry in terms of creating very durable tools and pieces of equipment.

Kushlan Products – Quality

If you are looking for a portable unit that is durable and works extremely well, your answer will end up being to forget all of the other concrete mixer manufacturers and get a quality piece of equipment from the nationally respected Kushlan Products.

Kushlan Products – Options

Most concrete mixer manufacturers do not have a lot of options to choose from, but that is not the case with this company. Whether you are looking for a gas or electric portable concrete, epoxy or approved food grade mixer – Kushlan Products has quality solutions for you.

Available from this innovative company are portable concrete mixers in gas and electric models as well as epoxy mixers and even an approved food grade mixer along with several other quality merchandise items.

Explore the more than 20 items this company manufactures and has to offer.

Kushlan Products Powered by Gas

No other concrete mixer manufacturers can offer the same quality of gas running units that this one can. The first gas running unit we will discuss is the portable Kushlan Products 350 DD Concrete Mixer. This is light in weight, but it is still quite powerful. This little mixer is easy to move from one location to the next location, thanks to the technology of flat free wheels.

Kushlan Products Epoxy Mixer

Another piece of equipment we will briefly discuss here is the 350 DD Epoxy Mixer which packs an electric motor that is 3/4 HP, but it is actually able to provide 28 rotations per minute. This means it has enough power to get just about any project done, regardless of how big or small the project is. Just as the previous product discussed, this particular one can also hold almost 200 pounds of concrete that has already been premixed for larger undertakings.

Gene Kushlan has taken the concrete mixer invention of the Columbus, Ohio industrialist Gebhardt Jaeger to a whole other level – offering concrete mixing solutions for today’s needs in today’s society.

Wheelbarrow Concrete Mixer Benefits

You Need a Wheelbarrow Concrete Mixer

You may have decided to carry out a simple home renovation project and in need of a concrete mixer for the process. Or, you may be a private contractor or a construction company executive who has plenty of need for mixing concrete, but not the need to pay high dollars for big trucks or the time and money for rental equipment.

You are not sure how to go about meeting your need though as there are so many different types of concrete mixers in the market. You want an inexpensive yet simple concrete mixer that can be moved quickly and stored easily.

As a result, the only mixer sthat fits into these criteria are the wheelbarrow style concrete mixers from Kushlan Products. These portable concrete mixers allow you to mix concrete quickly and efficiently and then carry it quickly to where the project work is going on. Other advantages to wheelbarrow style mixers are as follows –

Wheelbarrow Concrete Mixers Are Affordable

Almost every local hardware store will have leased wheelbarrow mixers that you can rent for a short period of time. If your project will take more time, you can easily purchase a cheap wheelbarrow from local hardware stores. Make sure you compare rates and deals online at comparison websites to get the best deals. If possible, also take the time to read as many review websites as possible to get an idea of how the machine works and its features.

Wheelbarrow Concrete Mixers Are Available in Various Designs and Styles

The common wheelbarrow design is handheld and manually pushed. You will find electric as well as gas models available. If you are not quite sure which model will best suit your needs, we are available to make a recommendation to you once you let us know what you are using it for and what you are trying to accomplish.

Wheelbarrow Concrete Mixers Are Portable

You can easily move Kushlan Wheelbarrow Style Mixers from one place to another. It is a simple and movable device as well as being affordable. These mixers are sturdy machines that can last for a very long time.

Some disposable devices are easily moveable and made from industrial-grade plastic; however,  and they can last for two to three different mixes. These machines are affordable but you will have to buy extra machines again and again.

Wheelbarrow Concrete Mixers: The Simplest and Most Efficient Portable Concrete Mixers Available

Electric wheelbarrow concrete mixers and gas wheelbarrow concrete mixers are readily available on the market at present for small home projects online, at almost every hardware store as well as large retailers including Grainger, Home Depot and Northern Tool.

Additionally, quality portable concrete mixers are available direct from Kushlan Products, creator of the original wheelbarrow style mixer.

Select a Portable Concrete Mixer from Kushlan Products

There are many reasons for homeowners to select a portable concrete mixer from Kushlan Products

Choosing from a reputed concrete mixer manufacturer  will guarantee the user durability, ease of operation and ultimate quality in construction endeavors.

Each Kushlan portable concrete mixer has a small revolving drum in the pad mixer that can be tilted down making it effortless to fill up a wheelbarrow with ready concrete. Also, the portable concrete mixer allows the users to carry the mixer anywhere they would want to.

In most occasions, the portability of the concrete mixer is because of its easily moveable base and small size. For instance, The Kushlan wheelbarrow mixer is a miniaturized mixer. In terms of flexibility in using the mixer, a portable cement mixer is ideal. This is because; they can be positioned at the nearest point where the current construction work is at hand. So to say, the mixed cement will be at arms’ reach of the user. This prevents needless and wasteful hardening of the mixture in the mixer drum.

Obtaining a portable machine is very affordable

For homeowners, one does not need to purchase a huge truck for small scale constructions. Typically, the cost of a portable cement mixer varies between $500 and $2000. Its purchase should be done from a reputed cement mixer manufacturer such as Kushlan. Not only does the company sell portable cement mixers but also arrays of other Kushlan Products available.

A portable concrete mixer is a staple for any small-scale construction project. It has fundamentally become a requisite, however any contractor would have a plus if a most practical, efficient and appropriate mixer is selected amid the wide range of mixers available in the cement mixer manufacturer market.

A portable concrete mixer has arrays of advantages

One of the key merits is that it does not occupy mush space and can be handled anywhere. To be assured of efficiency and quality, one should make its purchase from a reputable cement mixer manufacturer, precisely from Kushlan Products. And, as a smart user would know, the durability of the product is a major plus. Portable concrete mixer manufacturer Kushlan Products has provided for this and other crucial needs.

There are other things that the purchaser should be knowledgeable about while opting for a portable machine from a cement mixer manufacturer. The whole device is not functional at the same time, it should be inclined and mixing is normally done at a corner.  Failure to do this, components will fail to mix properly. Knowledge about how it is used is paramount. Mishaps while using it may occur due to lack of appropriate knowledge. Usually, the Cement mixer manufacturer will offer an operation manual for the device.

Kushlan Products Are Durable Portable Concrete Mixers

Kushlan Products Are Durable Portable Concrete Mixers

Looking for a respected manufacturer of portable concrete mixers with the best products on the market? If so, then look no further than Kushlan. Kushlan products include portable concrete mixers that are both gas and electric, so if anyone needs portable concrete mixers, then Kushlan is who they want to buy from. Lets go into more detail about Kushlan portable concrete mixers, which includes both gas and electric, and why everyone should purchase their products.

Not all products are created equal, and this includes cement mixers. If you get a portable cement mixer from Kushlan, then you can expect it to be extremely durable. When it comes to portable concrete mixers, Kushlan Products is the best in terms of creating very durable products.

Kushlan Products Are If High Quality

Not only are the company’s portable concrete mixers and other products durable, but they are of high quality, which means they are very reliable. If you are looking for a portable cement mixer that is durable and works very well, then forget all of the other cement mixer manufacturers, and get one of the portable concrete mixers from Kushlan.

Kushlan Products Are Unique

Out of any manufacturer of portable concrete mixers, out there today, this specific one is the one that has the most unique products. It does not matter what portable cement mixer you want to buy from the company, because you can rest assure that it will be unique in its own way.

Choose Kushlan Products For Variety  

Most of the manufacturers of portable concrete mixers do not have a lot of options to choose from, but that is not the case with this company. As previously mentioned whether you are looking for gas or electric portable concrete mixers, you will find it with the company. Lets go into more detail about the different types of mixers the company carries.

Kushlan Products That Run on Gas

No cement mixer manufacturers can offer the same quality of gas mixers that this one can. The first gas product we will discuss is the 350 portable cement mixer. This is light in weight, but it is still quite powerful. This little mixer is easy to move from one location to the next location, thanks to the flat free wheels.

When it comes to Kushlan products that run on gas, the 600 portable cement mixer that runs on gas is a good buy. Not many cement mixer manufacturers can match the 600-mixer, as it is equipped with a powerful engine, and its drums are resistant to things such as dents and cracks. This particular product is also very easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about doing much maintenance on it. The mixer can hold up to 80lbs of premixed cement, which is a lot, which also means that this particular mixer is perfect to bring to big projects that need to be completed.

When it comes to electric mixers, most manufacturers of portable concrete mixers cannot offer what Kushland products can offer.  For example, the K-Pro is a portable cement mixer that is electric that is extremely powerful, and it can hold a whole lot of cement. In matter of fact, it can hold almost 200lbs of premixed cement. The steel frame on this product is heavy gauge steel frame, which means that the K-Pro will last for a very long time and will not break soon after buying it, even though it is one of the most affordable mixers on the market today. It is worth mentioning that the motor provides you with 21 RPM, which is very good.

Kushlan 350 DD EPOXY MIXER

The fourth product we will briefly discuss is the 350 DD EPOXY MIXER, which packs an electric motor that is 3/4 HP, but it is actually able to provide 28 rotations per minute, which means it has enough power to get just about any project done, regardless of how big or small the project is. Just as the previous product discussed, this particular one can also hold almost 200 pounds of cement that has already been premixed.

The company carries more products than the portable concrete mixers mentioned in this article. If a person is looking for dependable portable concrete mixers that does not cost a whole lot of money, then they should see what the company has to offer.

Introducing the Kushlan Kurb

Kushlan Products always has news about our great products and our satisfied customers, who are also great.

One of the many great products from Kushlan is the Kushlan Kurb for concrete landscaping borders. This kit makes it incredibly easy for individuals to create and install their own concrete landscaping borders whether for a lawn, around a tree or along a driveway. Keeping unwanted grass and weeds out of flower beds is another of its many useful purposes.

This is a very unusual product; and it will continue to be an unusual product because we own the patent for this method and apparatus regarding making concrete landscaping borders. We are innovative and we are dedicated to creating useful products at affordable prices that help save time and money while doing a great job.

Kushlan has many great products available at reputable stores both for professionals and do-it-yourselfers because they are rugged, affordable, and have outstanding longevity. At Home Depot Customer Reviews, for instance, 22 out of 22 (yes, 100%) of reviewers recommend our product. That only happens from having a great product.

One post on the Kushlan Products YouTube Channel regarding the 350WSB Cement Mixer, one of our most popular products, has an intriguing post from a consumer. He shares that, “I’ve got one of these mixers and it’s still running like a top after more than 4,200+ 80lb. bags of Quikcrete through it.” Again, that only comes from having a great concrete landscaping borders product.

Thank you all for your loyalty and appreciation as well as for sharing your appreciation with us.

Advantages of a Portable Concrete Mixer for Home Owners

A portable concrete mixer! Whenever people speak about it, the instant vision that engulfs the mind is that of a very huge truck.  Most of the time, such a truck is limited to move to some places due to its huge size. Good news! Kushlan Products avails home owners with portable concrete mixers that can are easily obtainable and affordable!

A concrete mixer is a machine that is used to mix construction additives such as cement, water, sand and gravel. Typically, Kushlan Products feature this power-driven device made of a motor (electric and gas models are both available), a chute and a revolving drum. The machine is a basic prerequisite for any construction endeavor be it a small scale or large scale construction project.

Every Kushlan portable concrete mixer is a great machine that save time and effort that would have rather been incurred in a manual process. For homeowners, industrial mixers would be too bulky, costly and impractical. Therefore, it is imperative to sample a portable machine from Kushlan Products for the small scale projects. .There is no need to worry; Kushlan Products is a leading cement mixer manufacturer with a variety of portable mixers to offer. Our portable cement mixers, as well as other products, are available from national retailers to solve the problem:

Kushlan Products offers a range of equipment depending on the amount of mixing that a project needs. The type of cement mixer to be employed is determined by the amount of concrete to be mixed. Cement mixers range from commercial concrete mixer trucks to portable mini concrete mixers on wheels or pedestals.

Portable Cement Mixer Benefits from Industry Leader Kushlan Products

Portable Concrete Mixers from Kushlan Products offer much versatility.

1. A good portable concrete mixer can keep the cement mixture in a fluid state and prevent the mixture from separating as it forms its micro crystals.

2. The portable concrete mixer will also ensure that the mixture is workable until it is poured into its eventual position.

3. Portable concretet mixer models are also available in several different types and shapes. For example batch mixers will produce several individual batches of cement while continuous mixers will produce a continuous supply of concrete.

4. As the portable cement mixer can be moved about the site, you can mix and pour concrete according to your requirements directly into the prepared mold.

5. A mechanized and portable mixing device means that the cement mix can be poured directly into the prepared mold or area. There is no need for extra labor or machines to haul the prepared concrete to the construction area.

6. Most project managers now rent mixers to produce the best mix of concrete. This saves time and energy and it is very efficient.

7. Large and small models are available and each model produces several great batches of cement according to your preset requirements.

8. To ensure the best mix, some models can also be loaded with water and cement and the mixing happens on route. This ensures that by the time the mixer reaches the location, the cement is ready to pour into position.

Cement mixer manufacturer Kushlan Products is pleased to provide a way to prepare ready mixed concrete batches for construction professionals as well as homeowners.


Portable Concrete Mixer Manufacturer Kushlan Products: The Original

As we all know, concrete  forms the foundation of nearly every building in the world. Properly mixed concrete can withstand a range of environmental factors and remain stable and strong for several decades. In fact, most buildings now have a lifetime of 20 years due to the structural integrity of properly mixed and poured concrete.

Factors Which Influence Concrete Strength: Where Does A Concrete Mixer Come In?

The strength is largely dependent on careful proportioning and mixing of each batch of concrete. As soon as the cement is mixed with the aggragates, the concrete starts to set in place and transportation to the final pouring area has to be quick to ensure that the concrete can acquire maximum strength. This means that mixing and transportation are the main factors that influence the strength and stability of the concrete foundation of a building.

Concrete derives its strength from the mixing proportion and the mixing procedure. That means correct weighing of the mixture and the batched mixing in a concrete mixer is necessary to ensure a strong concrete mix. In most construction sites, this process is completely automated. The mixing machine measures and mixes each batch according to preset instructions.

Getting The Concrete Where It Needs To go

However, the next factor that comes in to play is critical in the construction process. As soon as the concrete is mixed, it has to be poured into the mold to gain maximum strength. However, mechanized and computerized concrete mixers are usually too large and unwieldy to move about on the construction project. As a result, even if the mixture is prepared and batched correctly, logistical problems will prevent it from being poured immediately. This will compromise the microstructure of the mixture and the eventual building being built. In such cases, a portable concrete mixer is invaluable. A fully portable model can be run on electricity or gas and it can be attached to a vehicle to move it about according to requirements.


Kushlan Products is the creator of the original wheelbarrow style mixer. Now, Kushlan has a versatile portable concrete mixer line of products for homeowners and businesses.