As we all know, concrete  forms the foundation of nearly every building in the world. Properly mixed concrete can withstand a range of environmental factors and remain stable and strong for several decades. In fact, most buildings now have a lifetime of 20 years due to the structural integrity of properly mixed and poured concrete.

Factors Which Influence Concrete Strength: Where Does A Concrete Mixer Come In?

The strength is largely dependent on careful proportioning and mixing of each batch of concrete. As soon as the cement is mixed with the aggragates, the concrete starts to set in place and transportation to the final pouring area has to be quick to ensure that the concrete can acquire maximum strength. This means that mixing and transportation are the main factors that influence the strength and stability of the concrete foundation of a building.

Concrete derives its strength from the mixing proportion and the mixing procedure. That means correct weighing of the mixture and the batched mixing in a concrete mixer is necessary to ensure a strong concrete mix. In most construction sites, this process is completely automated. The mixing machine measures and mixes each batch according to preset instructions.

Getting The Concrete Where It Needs To go

However, the next factor that comes in to play is critical in the construction process. As soon as the concrete is mixed, it has to be poured into the mold to gain maximum strength. However, mechanized and computerized concrete mixers are usually too large and unwieldy to move about on the construction project. As a result, even if the mixture is prepared and batched correctly, logistical problems will prevent it from being poured immediately. This will compromise the microstructure of the mixture and the eventual building being built. In such cases, a portable concrete mixer is invaluable. A fully portable model can be run on electricity or gas and it can be attached to a vehicle to move it about according to requirements.


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