Portable Cement Mixer For Remodeling, Crafts And Design

A portable cement mixer has become a standard piece of equipment for anyone who keeps up with DIY trends or utilizes the latest construction tools. Getting an epoxy mixer provides astonishing cost-value, even for small renovation projects. As a standard addition to your tool chest, a rugged, wheelbarrow-style mixer saves time, money and effort.

Portable Cement Mixer

Concrete Becomes Fashionable and Affordable

New concrete products and techniques extend the useful range of concrete fabrication. Using a portable cement mixer enables you to move your mixer to a DIY project site or fill a custom mold, repair a concrete surface, cast a cement floor or foundation and fabricate a designer focal point like a custom counter.

  • More decorators are choosing polished concrete flooring because of its low cost and versatility.
  • Concrete accents and architectural features allow you to put a personal touch on structures for your home or business
  • You can create unique textures and patterns for crafts and decorative accents by etching concrete with acid, blending custom colors and molding wood-grain textures and other patterns with custom plastic or latex stamps.

Top Applications for Using a Portable Cement Mixer

Getting a portable concrete mixer allows you to place it where concrete is needed, and you don’t need to pay a contractor or hire a large truck-based mixer. A staple for DIY, construction and repair projects, an epoxy mixer facilitates the following household and commercial projects:

  • Building a Patio
    Build a patio or extend your living space with an outdoor barbecue, kitchen or living room.
  • Landscaping
    You can pour custom walkways, mold stepping-stones, reinforce retaining walls and build garden accents, pools and fountains.
  • Collars for Outdoor Features
    Mold a window, tree or well collar.
  • Construction Projects
    Lay a foundation for an outdoor workshop, shed or garage. Save money on installing concrete flooring, the latest decorator trend.
  • Cabinet Surfaces
    You can mold custom countertops or repair damaged counters easily by covering them with a layer of concrete.
  • Fences and Trellises
    You can design a custom fence or trellis pattern and add arresting architectural features to your home or business.
  • Serving Tables
    Build a versatile, industrial coffee table for the company break room, or create a custom table for a nightstand or work area.
  • Efficient Mud and Laundry Rooms
    Concrete is an ideal flooring material for mud and laundry rooms because sealed concrete resists water and cleans easily.
  • Children’s Outdoor Play Areas
    Pour a stable foundation for a jungle gym, swing set, sand box, clubhouse or other outdoor play area for children.

The uses for a portable concrete mixer are almost endless. When you choose an efficient wheelbarrow-style mixer like the Kushlan Products 350DD Epoxy Mixer, you can mix stucco, drywall mud, mortar, concrete and plaster for hundreds of construction and DIY projects.

You don’t need to worry about the effort and mess of attempting concrete work when using an efficient epoxy mixer. Small mixers provide big results, homogenous cement and portability that increases their benefits for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Make fast repairs, control erosion or build your own patio with stunning landscape details by taking advantage of modern concrete products and techniques.

Contact Kushlan today for all your DIY and professional epoxy and cement mixing needs.

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