What Projects Require The Use Of A Cement Mixer?

Cement mixers are available for rent or purchase in a wide range of sizes, types and brand names. These are most commonly used for commercial construction projects; however, smaller models are frequently used by average individuals for DIY home improvement projects or even hobbies. Following is an overview of some of the most common types of projects that require the use of a cement mixer.Cement Mixer

Patios, Porches and Decks

Concrete is a material of choice for creating a patio, porch or pool deck. It is impervious to water, can hold up to a lot of wear and tear and looks good painted or stained. Alternatively, it is quite easy to install tiles over concrete, thus giving a porch a refined, modern look.


While most landscaping projects are not large enough to require the use of a portable cement mixer, some projects are. These include building a retaining wall around the property and/or building an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area.

Indoor Construction

Cement flooring can be surprisingly aesthetic, especially if stained or painted. Those who want to redo their own flooring without professional help will find that it is relatively easy to obtain a cement mixer for such a project. A mixer makes it possible to mix the concrete faster and more efficiently than would have otherwise been possible, thus saving a person a lot of time and money.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Cement is also a good choice of material for kitchen counter tops or even dining room tables. Many modern kitchens make use of this material, as specific aggregates can be easily added to the mix to make the counter or table top the color and texture of one’s choice.

On a side note – concrete has also been used to create rustic kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and even bathtubs and shower stalls. Naturally, projects involving plumbing are more complex in nature than many of the DIY improvements mentioned above, but they can be great fun to undertake for those who have basic knowledge of plumbing.

Small Projects

Those who enjoy creating things with their hands on a regular basis will find that having a cement mixer on hand makes it easy to create a wide range of items using cement and/or other materials. Creative individuals have made a wide range of useful, good looking items using cement; these include iPod/iPad stands, bowls, lamps, stools and planters.

Naturally, not every single project involving the use of cement requires the purchase or rental of a cement mixer. Even small, portable cement mixer models are quite large. However, those who are undertaking a fairly large project and/or use cement for DIY projects on a regular basis will find that investing in a cement mixer is a wise idea. These handy contraptions are powered by electricity or gas, are efficient and easy to use and make a project simpler than it would have been otherwise. Consider the various options of reliable products we offer here at Kushlan, then use the mixer as per the provided instructions.

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