Quality Portable Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

Assure Your Reputation of Being Reliable and Doing Quality Work: Use the Best Equipment

Out of any portable concrete mixer manufacturer out there today, Kushlan Products specifically has some of the most practical and specialized tools available anywhere in the world. Regardless of the construction sector you are in, the specific project you are undertaking or what your unique portable concrete mixer needs may be, investing in a Kushlan Products portable concrete mixer assures that your goals can be met.

Kushlan Products – Durability

When it comes to portable concrete mixer manufacturers, this particular company is at the top of the industry in terms of creating very durable tools and pieces of equipment.

Kushlan Products – Quality

If you are looking for a portable unit that is durable and works extremely well, your answer will end up being to forget all of the other concrete mixer manufacturers and get a quality piece of equipment from the nationally respected Kushlan Products.

Kushlan Products – Options

Most concrete mixer manufacturers do not have a lot of options to choose from, but that is not the case with this company. Whether you are looking for a gas or electric portable concrete, epoxy or approved food grade mixer – Kushlan Products has quality solutions for you.

Available from this innovative company are portable concrete mixers in gas and electric models as well as epoxy mixers and even an approved food grade mixer along with several other quality merchandise items.

Explore the more than 20 items this company manufactures and has to offer.

Kushlan Products Powered by Gas

No other concrete mixer manufacturers can offer the same quality of gas running units that this one can. The first gas running unit we will discuss is the portable Kushlan Products 350 DD Concrete Mixer. This is light in weight, but it is still quite powerful. This little mixer is easy to move from one location to the next location, thanks to the technology of flat free wheels.

Kushlan Products Epoxy Mixer

Another piece of equipment we will briefly discuss here is the 350 DD Epoxy Mixer which packs an electric motor that is 3/4 HP, but it is actually able to provide 28 rotations per minute. This means it has enough power to get just about any project done, regardless of how big or small the project is. Just as the previous product discussed, this particular one can also hold almost 200 pounds of concrete that has already been premixed for larger undertakings.

Gene Kushlan has taken the concrete mixer invention of the Columbus, Ohio industrialist Gebhardt Jaeger to a whole other level – offering concrete mixing solutions for today’s needs in today’s society.

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